How to Sleep Comfortably When Camping

You’re finally catching a break; smiling contently thinking about how you’ll get to spend the night in a calming environment away from the buzzing city. Away from the comforts of one’s home, people get tired of camping really easily because they commit some silly mistakes, like not dedicating enough time to think of the perfect tent placement slot and how to set it up so that they can get some much-needed sleep.

It’s all great until you wake up cranky after an uncomfortable night of tossing and turning in your tent without a blink. Next time you’re packing your things to explore the great outdoors, here are some things to keep in mind so you can have a well-rested return.

Getting sleep when camping can be hard for those used to soft mattresses

Tips for the Ultimate Tent sleeping

  1. Choose a Good Bedding
    There are plenty of options in the market, but make sure that whatever you choose, it’s compact and easily inflatable. This makes sure you’re off the cold ground and that you can nicely adjust the firmness. If you have the space to fit a little backpacking pillow, do it. They’ll make a huge difference in the snugness of the tent.
  2. Noise Control
    You are either one of the two – you absolutely adore the concept of various sounds of nature lulling you to sleep or you can’t tolerate the incessant screeching and chirping of the local wildlife. If you’re the second type, it’s important to blur out the noise, so you can rest.
    Try earbuds. They’re small, cheap, and effective. There’s also a bunch of mobile applications that play many melodious tunes to put you to sleep.
  3. Manage Temperature
    In the wilderness, it’s not rare to see scorching heat in the day and spine-chilling cold at night. Look into your destination’s weather report before heading over and confirm that your sleeping bag can keep you warm. There are some sleeping bag liners that can add about 25° of warmth.
  4. Correct Tent Placement
    Avoid setting up a tent under large trees. If there are thick roots at the very surface of the ground, it’ll be uncomfortable no matter what bedding you put up. Rocky places are a big no-no as not only are they horribly uncomfortable, they can also damage your tent. Place the tent on level ground and properly arrange your stuff so it doesn’t slide around through the night.
  5. Keep Clean
    It’s rather difficult to keep yourself clean if you’ve been doing activities like hiking, exploring, collecting, or just simply walking around through the roughage. However, try to keep yourself as clean as possible. No one likes sleeping with that icky feeling clinging onto their body. Wet wipes and occasional splashes of water provide a great deal of help.
  6. Stay Dry
    Sleeping in a tent where water is seeping in makes everything terrible. To avoid this, make sure to take a waterproof tarp along. Those can be constructed into canopies and used as a footprint beneath your tent to prevent the water from getting in and can also be used as an umbrella for your tent. The fun of camping diminishes when you’re wet, so try to stay dry.

Camping sleeping Products for the Ultimate Beauty Sleep

Sleeping pad – POWERLIX Sleeping pad (ASIN: B00CBOFS8M)

A sleeping bag alone won’t be able you keep you warm, so you need a sleeping pad underneath it to act as an insulation layer between the cold ground and you. We would recommend the one by POWERLIX.
It’s very lightweight, comfy, and pleasantly durable. To keep your body warm, the pad contains thermal insulation. It’s also 100% waterproof.
We really like the unique hexagonal design which acts as great lumbar support overall. You could also double it as a pillow.

Self-Inflating Mat – Roman Trail Outfitters Self-Inflating Pad (ASIN: B07H533QD5)

Originally created for the backpacking community, SIMs (Self-Inflating Mats) are much more foldable than roll mats but are significantly more comfortable when inflated. Since these inflate by themselves, it saves you valuable time. It will need a blow to be fully inflated though. Our recommendation is the Roman Trail Outfitters Self-Inflating Pad.
The design is quite sturdy, so it’ll perform quite well even on relatively bumpy ground and damp surfaces. It includes an insulated camping sleeping pad to keep you cozy all night long. We were impressed by how long it stays inflated. On top of that, it’s water-resistant. The construction in itself deserves an A+.

Airbed – Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Airbed (ASIN: B07F39F6XR)

Airbeds are pumped up at the campsite and a really popular choice in family camps. Airbeds are smaller than your regular sized bed at home, but they’re comfortable and compact enough to be a trusty friend in your camping journeys.
The Intex Dura-Beam can hold up to 600 pounds and comes in such practical dimensions that you’ll like it instantly. We marked the extra soft cover which feels like cotton against the skin, and the indented sides made sure the sheets don’t slip.

Sleeping Bag – Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag (ASIN: B01LXK5T5Z)

Undisputedly, one of the most important pieces of gear you can carry as a backpacker is a high-quality sleeping bag. What do we mean by “high-quality”? It has to be lightweight, compact, snug, and it shouldn’t make you feel like you’re stuffing yourself inside an oversized sock.
You can choose a big roll-up bag and strap it to the outside of your bag, but a good sleeping bag is something worth the penny.
The Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag is impressive in this regard with sturdiness and quality build. Given that two people can fit into it, the price is very reasonable, so don’t worry about having to burn a hole into your pocket. Otherwise, you can use it as two individual sleeping bags.

Eye Mask – MZOO Sleep Eye Mask (ASIN: B084P2YB42)

If you’re planning on keeping the lantern on all night, then you will need an eye mask to get some sleep. Besides, even if someone else in the tent is awake, it can be quite difficult to shut your eyes due to the excessive light. The MZOO is great as it blocks out the light without feeling too heavy on the eyes.
The low-rebound memory foam makes it remarkably soft and comfy, with deeper and wider eye space to ensure that the eyes don’t feel constricted. It will last you a while due to the great construction.

Ear Plugs – Hearprotek Ear Plugs for Sleeping (ASIN: B08BR5DVJH)

You don’t like the noise of the outdoors. You don’t appreciate the other campers breaking into a song. Or, you’re just too light a sleeper to be able to doze off amidst all the chaos. Drown out the undesired noise with a decent pair of earplugs. They don’t stop all sounds, but it’s a reasonable start.
The Hearprotek can soundproof up to 33db, and it’s made in three sizes to carefully sit on anyone’s ears while they sleep. The soft hypoallergenic memory foam build creates great noise isolation. The ergonomic design is definitely a standout.


Sleeping is such an important body function that disrupting it threatens to ruin your entire camping trip. Depending on your budget and preference, you will be able to choose from a wide range of camping sleeping gadgets, but do remember to follow these simple instructions for an elevated bedtime.

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It’s easy to ruin the excitement of camping by not getting a good night’s sleep. Get some peaceful shut-eye with these tips and tricks.


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