Top 10 Camping Innovations of 2020

Camping is an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors. You can breathe freely in the wilderness. Not everyone is a fan of camping, but most people tend to enjoy the experience. Going into the woods with your friends and family, exploring the woods with compass and map, spending the night, and sharing stories by the fire is a package experience of camping.

Camping innovations have made life a lot easier for people who initially didn’t like the wilderness. Now, with the help of modern technologies, you can get the comfort of your home while sitting in the middle of nowhere.
Gadgets and gears are more reasonable than ever. On top of that, they are easy to carry. Overall, camping is just much more convenient for people of all ages – thanks to camping innovations.

The camping gear market has developed significantly over the years. Brands like Agnes and Suunto have been making camping gadgets for a while now. All these new gadgets are cool and functional. Most importantly, these innovations are multi-purpose. You can use them on different occasions for various needs.

Camping innovations change the way we camp

What would you consider a camping innovation?
Let’s take a look at our top 10 camping innovations of 2020. Figure out which one you will be using on your next camping trip.

  1. Instant Cabin-Tent
    • Instant cabin tents are a great hit among campers. You can accommodate up to 10 people in some of these nylon fabric tents. The cabin-style tents are very easy to set up. You can do it in under a minute because the poles come pre-attached.
    • These cabin tents come with a room divider, zipped panel doors, and netted windows for ventilation. The upper part of the tent has a removable portion. After you open it, you can see the beautiful night sky and fall asleep. That segment is fully taped and completely waterproof. So, even during the rainy season, you can enjoy the view.
  1. Ikamper Skycamp Mini
    • This camping innovation is truly pushing the limits. This is an ideal camping gadget for people who have a small car. This is arguably one of the coolest ways to camp. Rooftop tent camping used to be something that only the people with wagons or jeeps would do. But now, you will be able to enjoy camping from the height of your car.
    • It takes just a minute to set the whole thing up. It’s cozy enough for two people to relax comfortably. Plus, it has a foam mattress. The entire setup weighs only 57kg. So, what are you waiting for? Buy an Ikamper Skycamp mini and head out!
  1. Comfortable Sleeping Bags
    • Tired of using cheap uncomfortable sleeping bags? You don’t have to worry anymore. Sleeping bags are getting more and more comfortable. The materials are also durable. So, you won’t have to worry about sleeping bags for years.
    • You will be able to sleep on your side and rotate in your sleep. Modern sleeping bags are insulated and completely waterproof. You will remain cozy no matter what sort of weather conditions you face.
  1. Portable Coffee Maker
    • This is a must-have camping innovation for all the coffee lovers out there. You can make your espresso within moments by adding hot water to the mix.
    • Different companies have their versions of the portable coffee maker. The brand Wacaco introduced a small handheld espresso maker recently. It uses a semi-automatic piston to brew the coffee. All you need is coffee beans and water. That’s it!
  1. Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit
    • This list of the best camping innovations would be incomplete without the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival kit. This multitool kit was designed for hostile environments.
    • This kit has all the necessary tools that you may need during your camping. The kit includes tweezers, flat drivers, a hand-saw, a fine-edged knife, and a survival blanket. In total, the kit has 16 pieces of survival tools. Also, you will get a pocket guide and rescue instructions.
    • You never know when you might need it.
  1. Pocket Blanket
    • Yes, this is a real thing. You can fold it and fit it easily into your pocket. The pocket blanket comes in the size of a wallet, and when you open it up, it can accommodate 2-4 people.
    • This is an ideal accessory for picnics, camping, and hiking. Normally, blankets can take up a lot of space in your bag. But with pocket blankets, you can take it anywhere you want without any hassle.
  1. Portable Camp Stove
    • Portable camp stoves are eco-friendly, sleek, and easy to carry. It performs basic tasks very smoothly. Plus, you can charge your electrical devices because it turns the heat from the stove into electricity.
    • You will find different a variety of camp stoves that offer different functionalities. BioLite Camp Stove 2 is a great option, as it doesn’t require a fire starter. Some stoves come with fuel cartridges. Choose according to your needs and save the environment with this innovation.
  1. Portable Bunk Beds
    • Even bunk beds are now portable! You will get to sleep like a baby in these bunk beds. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about carrying it.
    • These portable bunk beds are easy to set up. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Their convertible design, storage space, and side organizers make this camping innovation a must-have for family camping.
  1. Solar Camp Shower
    • Personal showers during camping are a blessing, to say the least. The brand Coleman came up with unique solar showers that will make your camping experience a whole lot convenient.
    • It has an on-and-off valve, and the water filter keeps the water clean. You can connect it to a shower head and enjoy a warm shower in the wilderness. Pretty cool, right?
  1. First Aid Flashlight
    • If you’re smart enough, you will know the importance of first aid kits during camping. This last camping innovation is a combination between a flashlight and a first aid kit.
    • On the outside, it’s a LED flashlight that comes with a rechargeable battery with decent battery life. Once you open the mold of the flashlight, you will find all the essential first aid items. The small tube can be packed into any camping bag. You must consider buying a first aid flashlight!

Honorable Mentions

The following camping gadgets didn’t make it to the list, but they are innovative and functional nonetheless:

  • Bottle Exped
  • Sleeping Pad
  • SoS Beacon
  • GPS Beacon
  • Waterproof matches
  • Insect repellent
  • Draft Tube
  • Tentsile
  • Solar lantern
  • Nyamuk tent
  • Griptillian tent

Final Thoughts

As you can tell by seeing all the latest camping innovations, everything is becoming more compact and convenient. All of these camping innovations have unique uses. You just need to figure out which ones you must have based on your needs.

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Daniel has experience camping across California in a variety of environments and parks. His interests in technology lead him to focus on writing about camping innovations.

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