The Best Solar Powered Camping Gear

Thanks to the efforts of science, you can now spend some peaceful hours immersing in the beauties of the wilderness without having to leave the comfort of your home behind. Solar-powered devices are efficient and kinder to the environment. Don’t you think that should be your top priority when you’re going back to nature?

These useful solar camping gears will spare you the hassle of using heavy batteries while hunting, hiking, fishing, and camping trip. The best part? They’re on as long as you have the sun up there!

Ensure that you never run out of energy and you constantly stay dry, warm, and well-fed throughout the whole adventure. After some extensive field trips, we put together our list for our top 10 solar powered camping gears that you must absolutely take along on the next trip.

Solar powered LED lanterns are a popular among campers at night

Top 10 Best Solar Powered Camping Gear

  1. Coleman Five-Gallon Solar Shower (ASIN: B0009PUT20)
    • Not many things are as rejuvenating as jumping into the cool water of a frigid stream or lake to get rid of the grime and sweat that’s accumulated on your body from being outdoors the whole day. Coleman’s solar shower doesn’t even make you feel like you’re out in the wood showering with a bag, but as if you’re standing in your house’s bathroom enjoying a peaceful shower.
    • Simply fill it up and leave under the sun. The bag’s materials efficiently take in the solar heat and make the water pleasantly warm. It’s amazingly affordable – prices are under $10.
  2. MPOWERD Solar Lantern (ASIN: B00F5TI7C4)
    • Fuel- or battery-powered lights do seem convenient, but what will happen when the fuel runs out or the batteries die? Very few things in life are as deathly as venturing out in the night out into the wilderness without a light source. These solar lanterns channel the rays of the sun in order to keep the campsite, tent, and picnic table lit for many comfortable hours.
    • Additionally, you can use this rechargeable camping gear for SOS calls. Three available settings – flashing, bright, or ultra-bright – are there to either light your area or call for much-needed help.
  3. Purewell Water Purifier Pump (ASIN: B07NVCBWVV)
    • Clean water is such an important element of every adventure. You need to be hydrated to go on with your day. Otherwise, it could weaken you incredibly. However, if there’s a scarcity of clean water sources where you’re camping, water can become a treasure.
    • To avoid any unfavorable circumstances like that, carry the Purewell Water Purifier Pump. This solar camping gear can filter up to 3000L of water before having to replace the carbon, so rest assured that it’ll be with you the whole journey.
    • Don’t think that this is just a regular purifier there for the sake of it. The design features an advanced 4-step filter for improved health.
  4. ECEEN Solar Charger Backpack (ASIN: B00NISJWD2)
    • When it comes to backpacking and camping, every single pound and equipment matters. You don’t want to be carrying around an extra heavy backpack that only adds to the strain without adding any space to carry other necessary gears.
    • Choose the ECEEN solar charge backpack, which is weather-resistant, super lightweight, and equipped to charge your electronics. If you’re too attached to your electronics but don’t wish to carry those heavy charges and batteries, this is your best bet.
    • This rechargeable camping gear is going to be the one-stop solution to all your charging needs. From USB devices to GPS devices, cell phones, and even Bluetooth speakers – the bag recharges everything.
  5. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator (ASIN: B07NVCBWVV)
    • We get it, you’re heading off into the wild to enjoy some alone time off the grid. However, for the ones that absolutely can’t do without technology, the Goal Zero Yeti generator enables them to carry their beloved electronics with them. Unlike some other similar products mentioned on the list, this one is heavier. So it’s best for campers who don’t plan on parking too far from the campsite.
    • It comes with a ton of adapters, so you can charge a wide variety of devices. After 17 hours of basking in the sun, the generator will have enough power to recharge two laptops.
  6. Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger (ASIN: B082HPTZ3P)
    • Starting from the simple flashlight to your most favorite electronic devices, camping can get boring if you have to skip out on some of the essentials. In a generation where electronics are such a key factor of everything, you can’t deny the importance of a good charger.
    • Carrying a separate charger for your needs can add to the weight, so pick the Nekteck 28W solar panel charger that is proven to work better than others in the market.
    • This solar camping gear is waterproof and can charge two products at the same time. The build is great, and it’s also foldable.
  7. RunningSnail Emergency Solar-Powered Radio (ASIN: B01MFCFKG5)
    • There’s something cathartic about running into the woods, away from cell service range. While it is fun, straying off without any support can be a bad decision. This is where a solar-powered FM/AM radio comes into play. You want to listen to the weather alert or enjoy some tunes? Get everything here. You can also keep an ear out for any sort of emergency nearby.
    • You can charge this radio through the sun – that’s a given. You could also charge it through a USB port as well as a hand crank. It also has a flashlight at the head.
  8. Sunflair Mini Portable Solar-Powered Oven (ASIN: B00B8PRRTS)
    • As easy as movies make it seem, some people don’t always have luck with starting a fire or making a bonfire. It’s harder at the peak of the forest fire season. There is now a possibility that you’ll have to consume cold, bland food.
    • Don’t fret! The Sunflair mini portable solar-powered oven makes sure that you can enjoy warm food even without a flame.
    • In place of solar panels, this rechargeable camping gear relies on special materials that effectively capture the heat of the sun and makes an oven. Don’t underestimate the hotness!
  9. Eton Solar-Powered Speakers (ASIN: B00B8PRRTS)
    • Start making a “camping playlist” because here’s a solar-powered camping gear that will play your favorite tunes even when you’re by a campfire away from the chaos of the city.
    • Play your music loud and proud because you’ll never run out of charge as long as you have the rays of the sun by your side. Alongside allowing you to play and jam to your selected music, it can also charge your phone.
  10. ALLPOWERS Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger (ASIN: B00QRHDIPY)
    • If you camp far away from the campsite or literally in the middle of nowhere, your car’s battery may die due to many days of inactivity. Now, that’s annoying and risky. Keep the ALLPOWERS Solar-powered car battery charger plugged into your car and place it somewhere where it receives adequate sunlight. This way, it can keep your car’s battery alive while you enjoy your time.
    • Apart from charging a wide variety of automobiles, there’s a great price tag on this that you’ll love.


Solar powered camping gears are the future if you think about it. They’re feasible, convenient, and energy-efficient – all that while being incredibly environmentally friendly. In remote areas where you might run into problems due to the lesser availability of electricity, this equipment could be a lifesaver. Campers are bound to enjoy these products, as they make much sense while providing maximum utility.

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Gone are the days of camping struggles. State-of-the-art solar powered camping gear is here to make your trips much more comfortable and convenient. Here are our top picks!


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