The Best New Camping Technology

“Give me a pair of old boots and a sharp knife, and I’ll be off camping!” If this is your motto, sure, I respect your spirit. However, I’m sure you won’t feel as confident as this when you find out that your boots won’t help you navigate.

Yes, human beings evolved in the middle of jungles, but that doesn’t mean we can survive in forests by ourselves in the 21st century. Whenever you go camping in forests or mountains, you need camping gear, admit it or not. With time, these gears are evolving as well to make our experience smoother and better.

There are tons of new camping tech that can guarantee you a safe return and an awesome experience, and today, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about. If you want to know all about the new camping innovations, follow us till the end.

Camping technology has progressed rapidly

Solar Charged Lanterns

Did you know that our fear of the dark exists because beasts used to hunt us in the night?
Early humans struggled a lot before they finally invented fire, their primary and only source of light during the deadly nights, other than the moon, of course, but that served the animals better.
Slowly, our predecessors invented easier means of producing lights; thus, we got lanterns and electric torches. However, lanterns need fuel to burn, and torches require a battery. These sources can easily run out in a few days, depending on the amount of fuel you can carry.
However, technology took this a bit further, and now we have commercially manufactured lanterns that can be charged with solar power. Solar energy is limitless, there’s no limit to how much you can use, and your inventory will be less heavy as well, as you won’t have to carry fuel.

Pressure Showers

Who wouldn’t like a relaxing, hot shower in the middle of a camping trip? Although this sounds like a dream to most campers, camping innovations have made such things possible.
You can get pressure showers for yourself. These are essentially bags that allow you to carry water, and there are hand-showers attached to these. Pressurized water will flow from the hand-showers to give you the ultimate shower experience, at the top of the mountain! If you leave this out in the sun for a while, you’ll be able to enjoy a hot shower as well!

Portable Solar Panels

Solar panels gather solar energy from sunlight, and they convert that to electricity with which you can charge your electronics or electrical appliances.
By portable solar panels, I don’t mean you’ll have to carry these on your hand. They are much more practical than that. Due to the advancement of camping technology, now we have portable solar panels that can be attached to our bags, and we can carry without any hassle.
These panels are not only compact, but they’re light as well. So, you won’t feel like carrying extra weight with you. Plus, your phone, GPS, or other electrical appliances won’t die out due to low battery.


Did you ever think that you can use a knife as a thermometer, and the same thermometer as a barometer? Don’t think so, but right now, you can. This is a modern camping technology that provides the users more than forty different utilities in a small, compact tool.
You’ll get multiple types of knives, alarm clock, barometer, altimeter, LED light, thermometer, and many more! Multi-tools have defined the modern camping experience, and it has made our lives easier.

Multi-purpose Stove

What can a stove do, other than cooking? Nothing, that would’ve been the answer even a few years ago. However, the tables have turned.
Nowadays, you can get multi-purpose stoves that come with the latest combustion technology. These stoves don’t produce any smoke, and you’ll be able to charge your devices with USB cables very easily.

Tough Camera

No matter how much amazing pictures your DSLR provides you, they’re still very brittle, which makes them far from suitable when it comes hiking or camping.
When you’re out for a hike, you need a camera that’ll endure everything it may encounter. It might fall from your hands, rain may get to it before you do, and there are a lot of other hazards that might damage your camera.
If you want to make sure that your camera can withstand these, you need a tough camera. These cameras are made to be waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, and they’re strong enough to ensure safety, even if you slam them against a boulder.
To be honest, you won’t get the amazing features of a DSLR, but you’ll still get a great experience.

Inflatable Tents

When foldable tents came out, people were sure that there weren’t any more surprises for them. Guess what? They were very wrong!
Inflatable tents are amazing tents that can be folded into a small bag, but when inflated, they will expand into a tent that can hold more than two people.
These tents don’t come with aluminum or steel stands for keeping them standing, but the inflated stands do the trick instead. The fact that the stands themselves can be deflated makes these tents much more portable and lighter.


It’s 2020, and all of us have used GPS to locate ourselves and to find directions to other places. However, it doesn’t work in the same way in a place where you won’t get any network coverage.
Advancement of camping technology has made our GPS better, which in turn will make your camping or hiking experience better. You can buy GPS that can locate your position and get you the directions, even if you aren’t inside any network coverage.
These devices get their data straight from the satellites, which makes them very reliable.
When you’re hiking or camping, your position must be calculated precisely. Otherwise, you’ll end up straying from your destination, and you may get lost. With the traveling GPS devices, that won’t happen, as these are well-calibrated.
Furthermore, these devices are made in such a way that they won’t get damaged if they fall from your hands-on hard rock, or even if they’re immersed in water, making them the perfect camping technology.

Water Purifiers

No, I’m not talking about the big-sized ones that you have in your home. Rather, these are purifiers sized as small as a pen. If you’re near a river or a lake but unsure about the safety of the water, you can use these water purifiers to get fresh water. The best part is this camping technology comes at an affordable price range.
Improved Headlights:
Headlights are a must when you’re camping or hiking. Nowadays, these gadgets offer more! With the modern headlights, you’ll also get a night vision and a rugged design for the same price! Not only that, but these headlights are also waterproof as well, so you can wear them even if you’re treading through a river.

Bottom Line

Camping isn’t as toilsome as it used to be. And if you want to camp or hike in the way your ancestors used to, you’re most welcome, and I won’t deny that there is an amazing experience in that as well.
However, if that isn’t your thing, and you want to have the experience of easier camping or hiking with modern camping technologies, you can use these gadgets to make your experience smoother and more comfortable.

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Daniel has experience camping across California in a variety of environments and parks. His interests in technology lead him to focus on writing about camping innovations.

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