Recent advances in camping technology

A temporary escape from daily life is the perfect weekend plan. A few months ago, a weekend getaway from the busy city hustle would have been a dream come true. Now, with COVID-19’s hostile worldwide takeover, a weekend getaway from the monotonous routine is the perfect fantasy. Reconnecting with nature, experiencing its beauty, and surviving the wild are some visions that come to mind.

Although it can be a delight to engage in “simple” tasks like our ancestors did, such as chopping wood, building a fire, getting fresh water, etc., it wouldn’t hurt to have a little help with the unfamiliar tasks. With the advancement of technology, you can now camp the archaic way with some convenient gadgets to assist you.

Recent advances in camping technology make camping easier for everyone!

If you are looking to experience a completely stress-free weekend, away from the trials of daily life, new and creative innovations can especially come in handy. You can even hop on the latest trend of “glamping” or glamorous camping, should that interest you.

The Winds of Change

Camping is used to represent one simple concept: survival. Earlier, you had to cook your food, start your fire, etc. Nowadays, while that is still the motive, there is a lot of equipment to make the process easier. Internal frame backpacks, fire starters, even spacious pop-up tents, and rafts that can double as a bed are some of the things that are now available. In the past few years, there has been a notable shift in sales in the camping industry from traditional equipment like pole tents and rope to contemporary gear like backpacking tents, accessories, coolers, etc.

Innovation for Every Complication

With the growth of the camping industry, companies have felt compelled to introduce camping innovations that were initially deemed impossible. Courtesy of high-tech engineering, water-repellent sleeping bags, stoves that can charge your phone through a USB, bear-proof coolers, and more inventions have been made possible. If you are thinking of a way to stay connected while basking in nature’s glory, there is a good chance that some equipment or accessory can do that for you.
In recent times, a massive trend has been hydroponics materials. These materials repel water and can be utilized for a wide range of things. Big names in the camping industry like Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean have produced textile gears, including sleeping bags with water-repellent interiors and exteriors.

Green is The New Black

In the age of exceeding global warming rates, products based on environmental awareness have rightfully become an integral part of every industry. Manufacturers have begun introducing “green” tents. These are made from recycled materials, treated with waterproof coatings, and free from harmful chemicals like polyurethanes. Some sleeping bags are made from recycled water bottles wherein the insulation comes from consumer waste.

“Green” products are not solely for the benefit of the planet. They don’t just pique the consumer’s interest and desirability, but also bring in higher profit margins for the company. As “green” materials usually cost more to manufacture, these products are sold at premium prices. In some cases, companies can charge 50% more for the final product. The financial incentive in “green” products will probably lead to greater use of these materials, eventually bringing the price down.


A new wave of structured camping activities has come about in the past few years, heeding to millennial needs. Along with campsites, a full camping experience is offered by camping service providers. Under the close guidance of professionals, companies are arranging excursions and exciting adventures.

These excursions are an excellent strategy to go on escapades while avoiding getting stranded alone in the wilderness. New technologies are inspiring a vast section of society to appreciate the joy of nature. With technology always on the rise, it’s safe to expect a whole new generation to warm up to the delightful experience of camping.

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Daniel has experience camping across California in a variety of environments and parks. His interests in technology lead him to focus on writing about camping innovations.

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