12 Groundbreaking Camping Innovations

The regular camping individuals will be glad to read this article as you’ll be getting the chance to put your hands on to the latest camping innovations. Well, of course, who’ll not need a break from their tedious routine to relax with peace of mind at the backcountry all enjoying with nature?
As I said, peace of mind means that the camp should be sleek enough to let you enjoy trouble-free camping.

Camping innovations are great to make camping more comfortable

With the outgrowing latest technology, some of the latest camping innovations have made the camping ease and a luxury to have a break from the daily robotic life. Below are 11 highly recommended camping innovations to make your camping life more adventurous. Read on!

  1. Cabin Style Tent

Make your camping adventure as cozy as your home with this cabin-style tent. Being the best of the latest camping innovations, it is fitted with pre-attached poles, and you know what? It sets up in just 60 seconds without hassle! What more? It consists of zippered doors and windows for proper ventilation and privacy. The roof of the tent is fully taped and is water-resistant, so you may enjoy the illusion of lying right under the sky!

  1. Sleeping Bag with Ultra Comfort

A unique, innovative ultra-comfort design makes it one of the best sleeping bags for outdoor camping. The material is water repellant and is quite durable with a spoon-like shape that allows you to shift one side to another during the sleep. Let me tell you the amazing feature about it; it contains thermo gills to regulate temperature as per the variations. Moreover, it contains a fully insulated hood, full-length draft tube, and external blanket fold.

  1. Wood Burning Camp Stove

The CampStove is one of the best camping gadgets you can buy. It’s relatively smooth, handy, and eco-friendly as well. It will convert the fire heat into electricity so you may easily charge your electronic items such as mobile phones, LED lights even while outdoors. This is an updated version that comes with 50% more power and a 2600mAh removable battery.

  1. Pocket Blanket

Are you surprised by the name? Oh yes, it’s literally a blanket that could be folded enough to fit in your pocket! It is resistant to water or any type of puncture and is large enough to fit 2-4 people. Moreover, this pocket blanket has built-in corner stakes and sand pockets as well to let the blanket stay on the ground even on windy days.

  1. Portable Camping Bunk Beds

The bunk beds are the ultimate source of camping comfort for you and your family. You may have a sound sleep in extreme conditions with these portable bunk beds. It is available in various sizes and convertible designs to fit in the wide range of tents and make the most of the space.

  1. Solar Lantern

A lantern is a compulsory ingredient for your camping bag pack. This lantern is compact and solar-powered, providing you over 75 lumens of bright LED light for up to 24 hours on a low setting. The solar lantern is durable, waterproof, shatterproof, and what’s more? It floats on the water as well! The best part is its portable design with its twist-to-close feature.

  1. Portable Solar Battery Charger

This portable solar charger is another camping innovation and is perfect for you to have trouble-free camping while preventing you from running out of power. You’ll be glad to know that this little charging technology could charge up your smartphone, tablet, camera, and even other USB gadgets while using the power of the sun. What’s more? It is an ultra-thin, lightweight all-in-one-power solution with charging cables, a flashlight, and a fan tool!

  1. Durable Backpack

Choosing the right backpack is quite crucial while going out for camping. This durable backpack is basically handmade in Colorado with a 1000D Cordura exterior with strong shoulder straps. It is heavy-duty plastic hardware containing side pockets and leather tabs for additional attachments as well. A spacious top pocket is big enough to store your electronic gadgets. The interior is basically one big compartment in addition to a sleeve for your laptop.

  1. Filter Water Bottle

Another compulsory item for camping is a water bottle. This water filter bottle has an advantage of containing a 2-stage filtration procedure in order to help you get safe and pure water via removing bacteria, protozoa, chlorine, and even bad taste. The bottle is made of Tritan that is actually BPA free. It also contains a replaceable activated carbon capsule in addition to a leak-proof lid and a food-grade silicone mouthpiece.

  1. Portable Camping Chair

Well, this ultra-portable camping chair has an adjustable height. It’s the best camping chair of 2020, constructed with aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy and 600D nylon fabric, which give the chair its characteristic sturdiness and functionality. You could easily adjust the seat height as per your convenience to about 13, 14, 0r 15 inches above the ground. What’s the amazing part? It weighs just 2lb, sets up in seconds, and packs down to only 11 x 4.3x 6 inches! Well, it’s indeed a must-have item for your camping list.

  1. Solar Camp Shower

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to hear that you could have your shower during camping? Well, yes, you can have one of these camping innovations the next time you go backcountry. This solar shower is made of PVC, containing a strong handle, and is equipped with a convenient on/off valve that has a direct connection with the showerhead so you may enjoy a trouble-free shower experience! To heat the water, it uses solar energy, and is quite enough for multiple showers.

12. Black Diamond Headlamp

When on a trip, every site does matters whether it is day or night. We can now have a beautiful view at night, too, by using this flexible headlamp. The light of this lamp is placed on an elastic material to ensure a stress-free headband.
This innovation is water-resistant and has a battery life of 175 hours. The output of this headlight is about 300 lumens. This item offers sight-seeing at night and lets the explorers view every aspect of nature and its wonders.

You see how these technologies and camping innovations are qualifying perfectly for making your camping adventure a complete hassle-free and luxurious experience. With these modern advances such as portable solar lanterns or solar chargers, pocket blankets or bunk beds, cabinet tent or camping chair, wooden camp stove, or ultra sleeping bag is all a complete necessity for the best camping adventure. So why not use these modern camping innovations for your next adventure and make it a memorable one?

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Daniel has experience camping across California in a variety of environments and parks. His interests in technology lead him to focus on writing about camping innovations.

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